Small towns in Australia, Does web design matter in Townsville?

Small towns in Australia like Townsville often end up losing a lot of local traffic because other businesses in the CBD push their SEO and website rank so much that they appear before the locals. See these 10 tips on how you can beat them...

1. Create engaging content that people actually want to read. Information that is targeted to your website visitors needs to be relevant and easy to understand. 

2. The volume of content is also very important. In the vast majority of online businesses the first three pages of Google will have businesses which each have over 300 pages of content. This gives business owners and website builders a good opportunity to write valuable content that people want to read. In many cases creating valuable content is easier than you think, often people will be engaged in your business if it's just a line of sight into what you do on a daily basis.

3. Website. It seems obvious however in many cases this is overlooked, simply because of the rise of cheap fast website builders like wix, that make a complex process too good to be true. The website itself is not simply a visual display of pictures and words, it is a collection of content arranged in a perfect layout with complex technologies behind the scenes. So when you are trusting your business in the hands of a website team don't just hunt for the cheapest price.

4. Understand that Websites take time to achieve great results. If you have gotten this far then you understand there is copious amounts of content to write, lots of images to take and even once this is perfected Google will learn about your website when it's ready.

5. Sell your location. In many cases online businesses are built in the CBD which means that when you go online to look for a florist or a gift for a loved one, the first results to appear are not in the local community. However after events like COVID-19 more and more people are trying to help local businesses in their local community and help out friends or friends of friends so selling products in a local community is far more likely to do well.

6. Get help from experts. Even as a website development company we need to reach out to other businesses for expertise from time to time. We're in an industry where everyone is a $1 expert and think that everything can be done themselves. We will guide you through the process of a website build, doing search engine optimization and link building however if we believe something is outside our expertise we will recommend another business that can assist.

7. Well designed pages succeed. In many cases more affordable websites ah affordable because they rely on templates that have been used hundreds of times before. Having a customized unique look will impress customers even if it's subconscious and something as simple as elegant and beautiful website design can have a massive impact on the 1st 5 seconds of your customers engagement. This very finite time is all it takes for your potential customer to make up their mind about your product, eye appeal is buy appeal. 

8. Advertising. Many website agencies believe that advertising is essential and that local organic results in Google and other search engines is no longer possible. We have adopted a much more optimistic approach too organic results in search engines however we are not naive to the idea that paying for advertising is useful in many situations. We will discuss options in Facebook advertising and Google advertising and try to find a budget that's right for you.

9. Quality pictures. There are websites online which allow you to download high resolution images that are visually appealing. However in most situations they look very stock, this is not necessarily a bad thing however it's important to have some pictures and content on the website that is very unique.

10. Fast spots don't exist in online business. In most cases an eye for detail can be useful but a double edged sword. In our experience most companies don't have the finances or the resources to right hundreds of pages of text, but this is required to do well in the online world. So make sure fat quality is maintained but quantity is not ignored.