Websites for Small Business in Small Towns

Small businesses in Australia can often end up losing a lot of local traffic because other businesses in the CBD push their SEO and website rank so much that they appear before the locals. With our insider tips, we fight back against them so you still rank well. How do we get you on page one even though you are a small business?

First of all, Local SEO should be your best friend!

1. Local SEO looks at getting you to appear on page 1 but ONLY for local searches. If someone searches for you from Townsville, you appear - if they search for you from somewhere else in QLD, you don't. It's that simple.

2. Using local seo means you have less competition because the big businesses in the CBD do not have a local address and therefore they cannot appear on Google maps. 

3. When targeting businesses locally you have a much easier time trying to rank. You can expect to be seen after 6-12 months and a steady budget, whereas these big businesses will be paying tens of thousands to take your competition. Use that to your advantage and dominate you local area only.

Ok fine - but how do I do this?

When it comes to targeting results in a small town, the best thing you can do is show Google that you are serious about a website and it is not just a whim. This can be done in many ways, but generally speaking it is done through the following methods:

1. Use a content delivery network to optimise page speed. More details about CDN's can be found here:

2. Understand on page and off page SEO

3. Always use SSL certificates

4. Use a quality website host

5. Don't get a cheap freelancer to build your website - this includes using cheap freelance finders like Fiver

6. Understand what you can get on a tight budget

Ok so this is heaps of content and information to throw at you, can't it be made easier? For prices starting from $799 and $59/month you can have ALL these features done for you. For a little bit extra we will do all the SEO for you and get you ranking against the big businesses in your local area. 

We never want our customers to feel like we are pushing you towards our services, so regardless of if you use us, someone else or you do it yourself - make sure you are getting a quality website that will get results. If you decide to cut corners or use a cheap and nasty website agency, all you will end up with is a pretty website that NEVER gets your website traffic. More importantly, you might find yourself waiting for 6 months to learn this lesson, imagine all the missed opportunities you have lost because you were not willing to part ways with a website that breaks down to $35/hour of professional services.

- You wouldn't give your new car to a low rate mechanic.

- You wouldn't buy a mattress from Gumtree.

- You wouldn't trust your Tax returns to an dodgy back street accountant

So do the right thing and make sure that every aspect of your website is done properly

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