Overwhelmed when starting a new online business?

At a Web Design Townsville, we have spent years perfecting the art of search engine optimization. Although we have confidence in the packages that we offer our customers, this does not mean that you can expect immediate results from your website if you are a brand new business with a brand new domain name.

When it comes to search engine optimization or web design, there is an expectation that the uphill trend will not start for at least six months, bearing in mind that there is significant work such as content writing and lots of website adjustments which will still be a cost to the business during this time. At Web Design Townsville we try our very best to keep the costs down because we understand this is a period of growth which has no noticeable impact, however we mention it just to be as open and honest as possible. 

At Web Design Townsville, we also take the approach where you as the business owner always have ownership of your website and your domain name. This means that for new businesses, we do require an Australian Business Number so that we can register the domain name with your ABN, not ours. This means that in the future if you want to part ways with Web Design Townsville, you are free to do so without any concern that we are going to take the domain name. 

Another challenge for new businesses is trying to get all the content that is required for a website. For a website to do well it needs to have an appearance of professionalism but also a feeling of authenticity. This means getting pictures that are not stock images found online but getting personalized photos and content tailored to your business. We do a lot of the content writing for you, however we do require you as a business owner to make a conscious effort to get us the content that we need such as pictures. This is an ongoing process and is not something you need to worry about, but it is something to keep in mind.

Lastly, the team at Web Design Townsville find that new businesses find it difficult to know which applications to use for their website. What this means is there is confusion around if they need certain domain tools, domain packages, search engine optimization tools and much more. When you sign up with us, you do not need any of these packages. We have seen customers in the past that are desperate to try and cut costs and are trying to shave small amounts off their monthly bill, however they are paying $200 per month for their domain name which we did not know about. A domain name is included in all of our plans and costs approximately $20 per year, so please make sure we are aware of all the services that you are paying for when you come on board so we can show you where to make savings.  

Speak to one of our friendly staff at Web Design Townsville and we will make all of this very simple.