SEO Services Explained

Although SEO can appear to be smoke and mirrors, there are some tried and tested methods to achieve a great rank in Google search engine that are explained below. So let's get down to business – the top 10 tips for SEO Townsville. 

1. The first step is to choose the right domain name. In many cases the domain name has already been decided on because you may be in existing business, if this is the case that's fine we will have a conversation with you around ways we can optimize your domain name and do things like change the name of the homepage. The domain name is very important because it can have keywords like SEO Townsville in the domain name which is likely to put you at the top of search results. 

2. Once you have your domain name, the next step is to identify how many backlinks it has. As you know from previous blog posts, a back link is a link pointing to your website from somebody else's website. Backlinks are very important as they are away Google identifies your website as trustworthy and a great SEO tool.  

3. Step three we go into a tool known as the wayback machine, which is a way you can see what the website domain name used to look like and this gives us insights into how we can optimize your website. This is especially useful if the domain name has just been purchased, we may need to get some old content from what the website used to look like.  

4. The fourth step is to create a website - obviously. Once the website is created, we do a lot of content writing and a lot of blog posts. These are not just blog posts for the sake of blog posts, they are accurately designed to target keywords such as SEO Townsville, that we have identified as the best keywords you can target for your business. Targeting the best keywords is not necessarily the ones that bring the most traffic but it's a combination of the amount of traffic and what we call keyword difficulty. keywords like Web Design Townsville, are quite competitive and for that reason we need to design a keyword strategy so that you take a small piece of a big pie, rather than trying to take the entire pie and end up with nothing. 

5. Having done that we identify how many web pages your competition has, it is quite common that the websites on page one of Google have over 300 web pages per website. 

6. Now we look at technical search engine optimization, which means optimizing your website in ways that you can't necessarily see. For example, if we were going to target SEO Townsville we would need to make sure that the pictures on the website are named correctly. If an image is called 123.jpg, Google will not like this. On top of little things like this there are thousands of other things like using SSL certificates and hosting the website in Australia. 

7. We look at getting you backlinks which we described earlier. And we make sure that these back links are generating proper traffic and not just links for the sake of links. 

8. We then do a variety of techniques that we have learned over the years to get you more traffic to the website, and what we like to call sticky traffic. This means it's people that are coming to your website viewing the page and sticking around for a little while. Google can see this traffic and it will reward you for it, people that come to your website and immediately leave, shows that your website has nothing good to offer and that will negatively impact your search engine optimization. 

9. Now we move on to the final stages of tweaking and tweaking where we check various analytics tools to make sure that your website has an uphill trend. Although this can take six months to achieve, in many cases we can see the uphill trend starting quite soon. 

10. We now continue to write blog posts, we continue to optimize the website, we continue to get backlinks for your website and overall, we keep the website looking fresh. 


These 10 tips, our simplified version of what we do to get a website on page one of Google. Speak to one of our friendly staff today about how you can get your website optimized for more traffic.