There are lots of web design freelancers in Townsville, are they a good option?

In most cases it boils down to a decision around price. The reason for this is because a freelancer is a single individual with typically less overheads like an office, rent or staff and therefore can keep prices quite low. A registered business on the other hand typically has many more overheads like employees' salaries, advertising costs, larger hosting costs that also have more expertise. It is very difficult even for small website agencies like us, to try and keep a lot of experience in a small team. We have a graphic designer, an infrastructure specialist and an allrounder that can help with everything and who specializes in search engine optimization. Even with a small team it can be very hard to have proper experience in all different areas of web design. People can dedicate their entire life to different aspects of web design such as design, content writing, search engine optimization, WordPress, infrastructure, sales and marketing. For this reason, it is simply not possible that one freelancer can do each of these - although they may try to. 

Therefore, in most cases what we recommend is trying to find a small website agency that have expertise in each of these areas but not so big that there are overheads cost your business. That is not to say that freelance web design can never be done well, however freelances are better suited to small soul trader websites. If you are looking for professional results and good quality ranking in Google then you should look for a website designer business. Our Townsville web design team would be happy to have a chat about any of these points, we look forward to hearing from you soon.