Automation for Web Design

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At Web Design Townsville we use multiple techniques to bring automation into website design, you may ask yourself what is website design automation, why should I care and lastly, does it improve my business website. First of all we need to understand that all successful websites use automation in one way or another. As you have seen from our previous blogs, achieving a high rank in search engines like Google and Bing can only be achieved with a lot of hard work and in most cases hundreds and hundreds of website pages, thousands of backlinks and many 1200 word blog posts. For most businesses achieving this volume of website data is almost impossible, especially when you consider that you might be trying to catch up to one of these businesses with 5000 web pages, it can be very difficult when they have teams of content writers generating lots of quality content every day. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative you have automation built into your website strategy. 

As one example, Web Design Townsville use automation to syndicate your content to multiple external locations. This is just a fancy way of saying, when I write a 1200 word blog post I want it to be copied to social media, I want it to be copied to blog posts such as and I want posts to be created that link back to that article. In many cases automation is nothing complicated and it is doing nothing more than what you and I could do with a mouse and keyboard, but using the blog post example, if you put your blood, sweat and tears into writing a massive article it's engaging and interesting, do you want to have to manually copy and paste that data into 10 social media channels creating links back to your main website, changing the format etc? It's also important to remember that for search engine optimization the key is consistency and not just bursts of attention. In most cases this is where we find small businesses struggle the most, they get an urge to start writing thousands of blog posts and the novelty of this wears off within the first few months. If you are serious about building your website in search engine results, then you need consistency and you need to do more, you need to do better than your competition! 

Why Does Automation Matter?

Automation does not just mean copying and pasting data between social media channels. In many cases it can be tasks such as automating a process that you do within your business already and we use advanced technologies (mostly Microsoft) to achieve this sophistication. So, we can price you up a solution that can detect when an email arrives, it can send you an SMS alert, it can add an appointment to your calendar, it can complete and write word documents, it can integrate with thousands of software as a service product such as accounting software, blogging software, social media, popular apps on the App Store and many more. The way we like to explain it is “anything you can think of can be a trigger and anything you think of can be an action”, you are only limited by your imagination. We even have complex strategies for some of our customers where we take lots of content that we have found online, we write a PDF document, and it gets sent in the mail to their customers. This is a completely automated solution and happens in the background for a small monthly fee.

At Web Design Townsville, we use automation at every step possible because it means that small companies of a few staff or sole traders can compete with massive businesses in Australia. As we have said in our previous blog posts there is a lot of big $1,000,000 industries that are taking over all of the local Australian traffic in small towns like Townsville. The reality is that no small business can compete with the endless amount of content and data that these huge businesses can generate but with hard work and the right automation tools you can get yourself significant business growth that Google will reward by sending you lots of customers. Using years of experience in web design and search engine optimization, Web Design Townsville have identified lots of areas that Google targets and in most cases this breaks down to content and backlinks. You can see our other blog posts about different specific areas that Google focuses on, but these are the main two. And as a result small businesses need to spend time writing lots of content that is engaging and of the highest quality. Using our automation tools we will then syndicate that high quality content to many different social media channels and blog post channels so that you get additional backlinks and additional content for Google to search. Lastly this also helps to land a sense of trust in your customers, because when you can see that a business has been writing articles once a week for the last year you know that they're serious about business and they're making an effort. There is nothing more tragic than seeing a website with blog posts, and the last blog post was added two years ago. Instantly your customers will turn away, or at very least they will have a bad taste in their mouth that perhaps you are no longer in business, or you have lost commitment.

Speak to one of the friendly staff, to see how we can use automation for your website and most importantly to make your life easier in your business operations.