Do I need to pay more for SSL certificates?

Yes - lets make this simple, you need to have SSL.

Web Design Townsville specialize in building custom websites at affordable prices. These websites include many features that are not found on low-cost website builders. At web design Townsville we do things like use secure SSL certificates on all our websites. This may then ask the question, what is an SSL certificate? This is a question many business owners don't bother to understand before buying a website.

At Web Design Townsville, we use SSL certificates on every website that we build which tells Google you have a secure website and therefore you can expect a higher Google rank if your website does have an SSL certificate. 

When somebody goes to your website from anywhere in the world, an SSL certificate ensures that from their computer to your website is encrypted traffic. This has many benefits from something as simple as a padlock symbol in the top left corner of the address bar, to more advanced reasons like increased search engine optimization because Google can see you are investing in security. 

In many cases website builders will neglect to install SSL certificates on websites because they are expensive and many freelance web designers see them as complicated to understand. This means that when you build a website using a cheap website company or a cheap Web Design Townsville business, you are likely to not get an SSL certificate which is going to damage the customers coming to your website because they we'll see a message in their web browser that says this website is not secure do you wish to proceed. This would certainly impact your clickthrough rate and damage your Google ranking. 

Like with so many things in search engine optimization it is not a single item that gets you to a high page rank in Google, it is a collection of doing everything correctly. At Web Design Townsville we like to think we have the recipe right, we are doing everything properly, not cutting corners but also not investing time into unnecessary parts of web design that are going to cost your business. As we continue to perfect our search engine optimization strategy, we continue to build excellent websites for businesses in Townsville. 

At Web Design Townsville, we have a strict policy where you are not locked into a contract. You are not locked in to a 12 month contract with us and therefore you are free to leave at any point if you find that your website or your search engine optimization is not performing as well as you would like. We believe in keeping you around by using excellent web design techniques where you have no desire to look elsewhere. 

We are also building up a large Bank of content, that can be used to understand web design an everything that goes into web design as a small business owner so things like SSL certificates are clear for business owners to understand and not just a random cost added to the bill. We believe it is critical that business owners are informed of every decision we make so there are no surprises. Web Design Townsville we believe in honesty, clear communication, and outstanding results. 

What happens if I choose not to buy SSL certificates?

OK, let's clear this up. When you walk into a shop looking to buy clothes, you wander around and eventually find a T shirt that you really like. You can see that there is no label tag on the T shirt, all there is is a very small yellow sticker that tells you the price. Subconsciously you might think that's a ‘bit strange’, but it's not enough to put you off buying your great T shirt. Then you continue to walk around the shop and as you do you reach a point where the floor is very sticky, again this is a subconscious thing that you notice and it's a bit irritating because now you have a sticky shoe as you wander around the shop. You then go to the changing rooms where you want to try it on and as you open the door to the changing rooms you notice that that room is almost half full of boxes, nevertheless you continue to persevere you try on the T shirt and it's pretty good. You leave the changing rooms with your T shirt and you walk up to the counter still a little bit unsure if you should buy this T shirt. You stand there for three minutes but still no one has come to serve you and this is the point where you say no and the intent to buy is lost.  

When we put that same example into your customers visiting your website, it is very rarely one single thing that stops them from buying on your website or using your services. It might be a combination of things and typically with an online shop it takes less red flags for somebody to move on because the next website or the next business is only a few clicks away. At Web Design Townsville, we know how important this journey is, and if somebody visits your website and in the top address bar they can see a message that says website is not secure, this might be the only thing it takes for them to leave.  For this very reason, Web Design Townsville strongly recommend that you use SSL certificates to maintain a strong online presence. 

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