What actually happens when you buy a website?

WordPress Web Design

Like all things in website design there is no one size fits all approach. However, there are certain trends that are followed by most people in the website design and search engine optimization community. One of these is WordPress, WordPress is quite common among website agencies for the main reason that it allows clients to edit their own website. This technology is called a content management system, and in many cases businesses automatically assume that they need a CMS. Where most website agencies fail is the problems caused when you give untrained professionals access to the website editor. When a well-seasoned web professional makes a change to a website, he or she is making a lot of complex changes that all have a reason. As one example let's say I want to upload a picture to the website, I would compress the picture, I would resize the picture, and I would convert it into a next Gen image format (not a JPEG). You can see how the average business owner would not succeed at even making the simplest of tasks. Even if you put this into a training document, there are many aspects that need to be considered that cannot be explained in a document. Again, let's take that example of uploading a picture what would you name the picture? There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to name a picture that can benefit search engine optimization and this understanding takes years of practice. 

Townsville Web Design can certainly use WordPress; however, it is our belief that the best option for businesses in Townsville QLD is to have a process where the business owner can send through content by email and within a few days we will upload all of those changes with the web design best practices and best of all we do not charge our customers for this service, it is included in our plans! At Townsville Web Design we believe in making web design as easy as possible for our customers, while also making sure that we are not damaging the websites long-term search engine optimization strategy. 


Static HTML Web Design

A static HTML builder is what serious web agencies use to build websites, it has cleaner code, preferred by search engines like Google and it's much faster to load. A static HTML builder does not mean the website is boring and it does not mean that the website does not have any animation, videos or fancy tools like an appointment system. All it means is behind the scenes there is clean HTML code rather than PHP. Most website agencies do not adopt these editors because they are more complex to learn and sometimes do not have the same bells and whistles that you get from WordPress. 

Make no mistake, WordPress websites require much more maintenance and are always the first to be hacked and compromised. In most cases this is because WordPress has thousands of plugins, and because of all these bells and whistles it means that the customer can choose to have hundreds of complicated applications running on their website. In 2021 security should be the top of our minds, there was even a website agency compromised at the beginning of 2021 and they have now told all of their customers to go and look elsewhere for their website and their hosting because the severity of the hack could not be undone. Now I know what you are thinking “what if I want different applications on my website like a booking system”? This is absolutely possible using a static HTML builder and all it means is we reach out to different vendors, and we research different applications that we can integrate with your website. For example, you may have heard of Shopify which is a large E commerce platform, in the majority of cases Shopify is not used by WordPress it is used by static HTML websites. It is very easy for us to integrate something like Shopify and we also get discounts using products like this that you would not get if you were to approach Shopify directly. This is the best approach for many reasons but mainly because you end up with a very secure very fast website, and you are using reputable long-lasting tools integrated into your website. Shopify is not the only example, you may want a tool that can calculate delivery, you may want a booking system, you may want a tool that can generate zoom meetings, you may want a tool that can calculate angles and dimensions, or you might want a tax calculator built into your website. At Townsville Web Design, all of these options are possible and are done in a much much more secure method then using WordPress plugins 

For these reasons Townsville Web Design choose static HTML builders over WordPress with 100% confidence. Give us a call today to understand all of the details around this, and how simple we can make the website design process.