Fiver is cheap, is it a good choice for web design?

Fiverr is a platform used by freelancers. What this means is you can have a look at an online directory for various online services that you might need. As an example, let's say you need a new logo made, you can go onto the Fiverr website and search through hundreds of freelances that would be willing to do it. Each freelancer would have various prices and in our experience those prices range from cheap and nasty too reasonable.

There are always reasons for and against using a tool like this however when it comes to building websites there are countless advantages to using a website agency over using Fiverr. The main concern with these massive engines generating hundreds of freelancers into one place is the presence of negative competition. This means that there is so much competition that the prices continue to drop until a new norm has been formed. As we have seen in the fair trade coffee industry when the price drops the quality drops and the only way for freelancers to survive is to create very quick and very generic content sometimes using an online tool and not even building it themselves.

There is a quote going around “the world is full of $1 experts”. Unfortunately, this is true in many situations where business owners can do many things using very cheap generic services. Where you used to pay an accountant to look after your books, you can now use a piece of software to do it yourself. And although this is true and the rise of technology is always a good thing, businesses at the top of their game are never using cheap tools to look after their accounting, they do not employ cheap labor off Gumtree and they do not use Fiver.