Web design and web hosting in Townsville QLD?

Put simply, website hosting is where your website lives. In many cases the choice of where to host your website can be overwhelming. You can have your website hosted in very large datacenters or on an old computer in a basement. As a business owner it is not your responsibility to understand the details of website hosting, however it's important to understand the basics so you are not fooled buy cheap website companies.

Our Townsville web design gurus make it nice and simple for you to decide. Option one, we look after all of the hosting for you and you have peace of mind that it is hosted in a data center also used by Microsoft and Telstra. Option 2, once the website is complete we can pick it up and put it wherever you like. In most cases option two has more risk because managing a webhost is very complex and should be left to specialists. We have also done countless hours of research into webhosts and we know which ones work and which ones don't. You might think that where the website lives doesn't really matter as long as everyone in the world can see it, however this is not the case. Research shows that if your website takes more than two seconds to open you could lose up to 20% of your visitors. We have taken this and many other variables into account when we decide on where is best to put your website and rest assured that you along with all of our other customers are hosted in the data center where it's secure and seriously fast.

So to put it simply we look after all the infrastructure and web hosting for you, but should you have any questions our team love to talk tech so we would be more than happy to have a detailed conversation about this.

Web Design Townsville means we need to host websites nearby. When your customers come looking for your website on Google, they click on your website and need to be sent to a server nearby. If these customers take more than 2 seconds to load your website, statistics show you will loose a huge volume of visitors. Many websites are hosted overseas because its cheaper, however there is a direct loss of in website performance. Our independent testing shows that the difference between hosting in Australia and hosting overseas can impact search results on Google by 3 pages. This means, you could be page 1 and as soon as you move your website to an overseas host you could drop to page 4.  

please don't hesitate to contact our Townsville web design team for any questions you might have.