Web Design Townsville - Why should you trust our team?

Why should you trust the team at Web Design Townsville? The website design community and the search engine optimization community has been clouded with lots of misinformation and false promises. As you have probably understood from all of our blog posts so far, you will notice that we have a very honest and straightforward way of running business. We simply don't have time to on board customers with false promises and then in three to six months when we don't deliver, they leave us and go somewhere else. The only way this works is if it works for both of us. 

More specifically our team have been working in the information technology and a web design industry for combined 25 years of experience. This is covered a ridiculous array of different technologies which in some way all help to push your website and your business to the next level. We are trained in blackhat search engine optimization, Microsoft Azure, Linux operating systems, Microsoft and Linux web servers, graphic design, logo design, static HTML, CSS, PayPal, stripe, Shopify and hundreds of software as a service product. If this menu of different software and applications is not enough to settle your mind, we have also owned many Australian businesses in timber, masonry and had many positions in the technical industry covering health care, the gambling industry and the mental health industry. 

If you still need more convincing, then all you need to do is look at the businesses we have been involved with. One of the Co owners Benjamin, has worked extensively across a variety of different businesses. He has worked in the gambling industry providing expertise in networking and website technologies, he has worked in the mental health sector providing the highest quality of digital services ensuring that people who are in desperate need can always reach the mental health business which had over 3000 staff and consultants (Converge International) and he has also worked for several years at Monash Health provide technical services to hospitals with over 15000 staff. Benjamin has also worked with outsourcing technology companies that provide technology for businesses, this has given him exposure to literally hundreds of businesses and the website technology behind those businesses.  

The two owners of the business have now spent the last five years specializing in website design, website hosting and search engine optimization for Web Design Townsville. They are committed to providing real opportunities for businesses online without being charged thousands of dollars per month like many other search engine optimization companies. At Web Design Townsville the owners know exactly what it takes to be seen online, what it takes to have a reliable website, what your customers a likely to want on your website and we have spent years of research understanding the 200 hidden factors for the Google algorithm. 

To put it simply the team at Web Design Townsville want nothing more than to provide a good service at a good price. Speak to one of our friendly staff today to see just how easy a new business website can be!